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I am so happy I found your blog! My friend who watches GoT got me into the series, but doesn't agree with the SanSan pairing like I do. I am so glad I am not the only one shipping them like mad! :)

I’m glad you are enjoying the blog :D

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I'd like to request of video of these two with the song little red riding hood preferably by bowling for soup

I have no idea how to make videos, but maybe one of the lovely people who follow this blog can help you out?

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I’ll keep you safe

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Some instinct made her lift her hand and cup his cheek with her fingers. The room was too dark for her to see him, but she could feel the stickiness of the blood, and a wetness that was not blood. “Little bird,” he said once more, his voice raw and harsh as steel on stone. Then he rose from the bed. Sansa heard cloth ripping, followed by the softer sound of retreating footsteps.

When she crawled out of bed, long moments later, she was alone. She found his cloak on the floor, twisted up tight, the white wool stained by blood and fire. The sky outside was darker by then, with only a few pale green ghosts dancing against the stars. A chill wind was blowing, banging the shutters. Sansa was cold. She shook out the torn cloak and huddled beneath it on the floor, shivering.

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