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Rory McCann about Sandors feelings for Sansa.




Game of Thrones cast auditions | Exclusive Blu-Ray Hidden Dragon Eggs

Harry Lloyd [x]
Jason Momoa [x]
Maisie Williams [x]
Miltos Yerolemou [x]
Sophie Turner [x]
Rory McCann [x

Well fuck you HBO for not giving Sandor this scene in the show.

Seriously!  What a shame.


So Rory McCann hurt his leg while feeding birds. He is currently walking with a limp. HE IS BUYING A HOUSE ON A TINY ISLAND.

This is some A+ trolling.

Well played, ser. Well. Played.


I want to love you but I better not touch. 
I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop. 
I want to kiss you but I want it too much. 
I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison 

This world’s an ugly place
For such a pretty face
They’re comin’ at you from all sides
But they gotta get through me