can’t stop thinking about this song xD

I’m going in for the kill 
I’m doing it for a thrill 
Oh I’m hoping you’ll understand 
And not let go of my hand


“Save yourself some pain, girl. Give him what he wants. [She holds out the cloth; he doesn’t take it] …You’ll be needing that again.”

This world’s an ugly place
For such a pretty face
They’re comin’ at you from all sides
But they gotta get through me




“I cannot, my lord,” replied Ser Galladon. “I fear this dog will not relinquish the prize he feels close to winning.” To Sandor he said, “Get your sword, ser.”

“Don’t call me ser,” the Hound snarled. There was shouting now. People had realized that Ser Galladon carried live steel, not a blunted tourney sword. Lord Umber roared about southron treachery and Lord Dayne tried to dissuade Galladon from his foolishness.

…Ser Galladon cut at Sandor again and again and when Sandor raised his shield to catch the blow, Galladon swung his sword beneath the shield as quick as a snake. Was that blood? Sansa might have screamed, but her throat was closed and she could only gasp for more air. Not the Hound. Please. (x)